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„EIX“ trademark was established in year 1989 in Estonia. Since the year 1991 we have operated with different car parts sale in internal – and external markets. Our company has nearly 30 years of experience in operating with alloy wheels. We're offering forged alloy wheels for trucks, trailers and buses from “Speedline Truck” - the leading manufacturer in Italy. You can also find many accessories for the wheels from valves until shank nut caps.

Our product range includes in addition to the classic diamond polished surface, unique and innovative mirror polished finish.

“EIX”-s priority is to offer only the best quality with the best price possible for its clients. All the “Speedline Truck” wheels models has a special corrosion resistant structure (T6061) and unbelievable lightness, up to 45% less weight for each wheel compared to regular steel wheels. Due to a better heat dissipation of forged light alloy wheels, they significantly prolong the life of its components.

For the year 2016, „EIX“ has stipulated a commercial collaboration with Speedline Truck for promoting their forged light alloy wheels in the Baltic states and adjacent regions thanks to our long-term experience in the use and promotion of alloy wheels.


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Eigo Nurga


          +372 503 7789 (ee, ru)

Laura-Liis Nurga
Assistant manager


          +372 507 6547 (ee, en)

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